Fire Extinguisher & Safety Cabinet Installation

Integral Fire Protection provides a complete fire extinguisher and safety cabinet installation service carried out by our fully qualified technicians. At competitive rates, we provide you with the highest quality service, CLICK HERE to find out more.

There are a variety of cabinets available and our professional technicians will not only provide you with the installation service but also the basic knowledge on how to install them.


Location Advice

According to Section 3.5 of the AS2444, where a cabinet or enclosure is used, the open door should not encroach on the required width of path of travel to an exit or doorway.



The following is to be given careful consideration:

  • Is the cabinet being installed suitable for the location and application
  • Installation must be carried out in accordance with AS2444-2001
  • Consideration must be given to the weight of the cabinet but also to the potential contents
  • The type of wall the cabinet is being mounted to
  • The fixings must be suitable for the wall type
  • The level of traffic the installation location is exposed to (this can assist in preventing accidental demounting, misuse and damage)
  • Potential for damage to occur to the cabinet due to its installed location
  • Consideration of the surrounding environment and the cabinet materials
  • Correct signage in accordance with the AS2444-2001

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