Fire Hose Reel Installation Guide

Integral Fire Protection has many fully qualified plumbers dealing with the installation of fire hose reels. Unlike fire extinguishers and fire blankets, a fully qualified plumber must install fire hose reels. For more information on our installation pricing please contact us.

Hose reels are suitable for class A fires, meaning that they cannot be the sole method of fighting fires. Other equipment must be installed in conjunction with hose reels to help counteract the other types of fires and their potential risks.



When installing fire hose reels our plumbers consider the following:

  • Fire hose reels are not easy to install and it is highly recommend that you use a licensed plumber.
  • Installation must be carried out in accordance with AS2441:2005.
  • Hose reel placement is covered by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  • Hose reels should only be connected to a dedicated fire line, not the water mains.
  • Should be a minimum of 100mm clearance around all points of hose drum.
  • Valve height should be between 900mm & 1100mm from floor level.
  • Valve must incorporate an interlock for nozzle.
  • Centre of hub should be between 1400mm & 2400mm from floor level.
  • Flow rate should be a minimum of:
    • 19.8 litres per minute for 19mm hoses.
    • 24.6 litres per minute for 25mm hoses.
  • The type of wall the fire hose reel is being mounted to, and which fixings are best suited to mount the hose to that wall (Consideration must be given to the weight of the unit).
  • Correct signage according to AS2444.
  • How much traffic the hose reel will be exposed to (low traffic areas are ideal as it helps prevent damage and misuse of the hose reel). Most damage to a fire hose reel occurs to the standpipe, this should be considered if machinery is being used in the area.

If you would like one of our trained technicians to install your equipment or you require further information on how to install it yourself, you can Contact us today for a free quote.