Fire and Safety Signage Installation

With the purchase and installation of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels, the installation of fire and safety signage carried out by our experienced professionals is included at no cost. For further information on installation pricing, CONTACT US.

Regarding fire and safety signage, there are a wide variety of signs available, all of which can be mounted easily by our trained technicians. We will ensure that signs of significant importance with specific mounting requirements are covered according to AS2444.


Mounting Methods

The following methods are used when mounting signs:

  • Double sided tape – fast, clean and effective. Wall must be in sufficient state with no flaking or blistered paint.
  • Glue / Silicon sealant – cost effective and easy. Fixes well to walls even in poor condition, including outdoor walls.
  • Screw fixings – rarely used. To prevent the screw head from penetrating the sign, washers must be used.


Location Signs

Location signs are used to identify the location of a variety of fire equipment. In accordance with AS2444, all location signs must be mounted as follows:

  • The bottom of the sign must be situated at least 2000mm from floor level or mounted at a height clearly visible to a person of average height
  • Where fire equipment is located in a corridor or in a recess, a double sided angled sign may be used with the same mounting height as listed above
  • Location signs are to be mounted directly above fire equipment


Fire extinguisher identification signs

The ID sign should be located directly above the fire extinguisher but below the location sign.



The following is to be given careful consideration:

  • The type of wall the sign is being mounted to
  • The level of traffic the installation location is exposed to (this can assist in preventing accidental damage and vandalism)
  • The potential damage to the sign due to its installed location
  • Consideration of the surrounding environment and the sign materials

If you would like one of our trained technicians to install your equipment or you require further information on how to install it yourself, you can Contact us today for a free quote.