Environmental Commitment

At Integral Fire Protection, we are aware of the environmental procedures that exist to protect flora and fauna from destruction, how to manage hazardous substance spills, how to protect indigenous areas and protect our waterways.  We honour our environmental commitment!

As a business, we have implemented our own processes and procedures to assure that our products and services adhere to the various standards and regulations and have no adverse impact on the environment and public health. Our staff are appropriately trained to comply both with our client’s in-house and environmental requirements. We understand the importance of the environment and take appropriate action to reduce our impact as a business.

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Safety Commitment

Your safety is our priority!

We operate in a fast-paced industry where standards are regularly reviewed and changed. We therefore frequently monitor and evaluate procedures, equipment and operations so that as a business, we adopt and apply the most up to date and efficient practices. As our client, we will keep you up to date with any changes so your business is always in compliance with Australian Standards.

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