Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Testing & Installation in Perth

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Testing PerthA large percentage of fires are controlled and extinguished through the means of a portable fire extinguisher. Used as a first point of defence, fire extinguishers are capable of disrupting the burning process as a powerful extinguishing agent.  Therefore, it is crucial that fire extinguisher servicing and testing and tagging is carried out on a regular basis to guarantee that in the event of a fire hazard, your fire extinguishers are able to handle the heat.

 At Integral Fire Protection, our technicians are familiar with the Australian Standards and have extensive knowledge on types of fire extinguishers and how often they need to be tested and tagged. According to AS2444, it is essential that all workplaces have at least one fire extinguisher installed. Our specialised technicians will provide the installation service and continue to maintain the fire extinguishers to guarantee the protection of your staff and property in the event of a fire.

In regards to servicing, Australian Standard 1851 requires all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers to be serviced every 6 months with pressure testing and refills to be undertaken at least once every 5 years. After testing, the date and type of service is recorded and updated on the maintenance tag in accordance with the AS1851. Our in house servicing software maintains your fire protection testing history and informs us when you are due for your next test and tag.

For expert fire extinguisher servicing, contact Integral Fire Protection today. Our experienced technicians provide complete servicing and refills of all types of portable fire extinguishers including water (stored pressure), foam (stored pressure), wet chemical, carbon dioxide (CO2) and dry powder (DCP). We are committed to providing the best service and performing thorough inspections of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment.

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