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Having your fire hydrants and booster systems serviced is a requirement by Australian standards. Fire hydrant systems are used by emergency fire services and therefore, it is critical they undergo regular maintenance. If servicing is neglected, fines may be issued. Misuse of fire hydrant systems also carries a significant fine and risks reducing the effectiveness of the systems in the event of a fire hazard.

The requirements of fire hydrant testing and tagging are set out in the AS1851. All fire hydrants systems require servicing every 6 months with fire hydrant flow testing required on an annual basis. AS1851 also states that the following fire hydrant and booster system services be carried out on a 5 yearly basis:

After testing, the date and type of service is recorded and updated on the maintenance tag in accordance with the AS1851. Our in house servicing software maintains your fire protection testing history and informs us when you are due for your next test and tag.

For expert fire hydrant and booster servicing, contact Integral Fire Protection today. Our experienced technicians provide testing and tagging services for all fire hydrants and booster systems. We are committed to providing the best service and performing thorough inspections fire protection and safety equipment.

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