fire door servicing perthSmoke & Fire Door Servicing, Testing & Installation in Perth

Smoke and fire doors (hinged and automatic) are crucial in the event of a fire emergency as they work to prevent the spread of smoke and fire through your premises. Fire doors require a clear, safe path and must remain clear of obstructions.  Under section 17 of the AS1851-2005, all smoke and fire door systems must be tested every 3 months for automatic doors or 6 months for hinged doors. Our smoke and fire door servicing includes the following tests:

  • Verifying the fire door closes and seals correctly in a specified time
  • Identifying the condition of the fire door
  • Identifying the condition of all fire door equipment
  • Identifying the condition of the fire rated glazing
  • Identifying automatic magnetic release operates correctly

Our technicians will ensure that your smoke and fire door servicing is completed to the highest quality. If failures or damages are identified, our technicians will notify you of the corrective actions required. We also specialise in the repair and replacement of damaged doors to guarantee that your smoke and fire doors are in accordance with the required Australian standards.

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