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If fire breaks out in a building, the first line of defence is detection. 

As all experienced Building and Facilities Managers understand, a quality Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) supplied, installed, serviced and maintained by Integral Fire Protection is the smart way to safeguard your property.

A Fire Indicator Panel is the brains of a fire alarm system. It’s an early detection and warning device that detects smoke, heat or flames by receiving information from sensitive environmental sensors located throughout the building.

Once activated, the system identifies the affected area, sounds alert sirens and directs the occupants of the building to evacuate through an Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) or Occupant Warning and Intercommunications System (OWIS) alert system.  Some Fire Panels can be linked to a monitoring service which either automatically contacts local Fire and Emergency Services or a monitoring agent of your choice.  A professionally configured Fire Panel can pick up minor changes in air quality and alert you to the risk before there is any visible flame.

Routine testing  

Every new Fire Panel installed by Integral Fire Protection comes with a Fire Panel Maintenance Plan.  This ensures your fire panel is primed to respond at all times and meets requirements specified by Australian Standards and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).  The regulations require fire alarm panels to be tested regularly by a qualified technician.

Australian Standard AS1851-2012 is a routine preventative maintenance standard. Its purpose is to determine that the fire protection equipment and systems installed in the building at the time of approval is still ‘fit for purpose’ and complies with the relevant National construction codes and building regulations.  Even if your system is out of warranty, Integral Fire Protection offers testing and service maintenance plans to safeguard your property.

Our complete package complies with relevant Australian Standards (AS 1851) – our testing schedule includes:

  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (panels) are inspected and tested in accordance with AS1851 Section 6 on a monthly basis;
  • Emergency Warning Systems are inspected and tested in accordance with AS1851 Section 6 on a monthly basis;
  • Smoke and Heat Alarms are inspected and tested in accordance with AS1851 Section 6 on a six-monthly basis;
  • Emergency Intercom Systems are inspected and tested in accordance with AS1851 Section 6 on a yearly basis; and
  • Log books are updated by the technician to record the results of each inspection, in accordance with AS1851 Section 6.

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) has also developed a Good Practice Guide on the adoption and use of AS1851.

Why choose Integral Fire Protection?

Integral Fire Protection are a Western Australian owned and operated business.  We are trusted with providing quality fire protection services for commercial, municipal and residential properties throughout WA.

Because we are based in WA, we’re available whenever you need us. With an absolute commitment to providing the best quality service, our experienced local technicians provide fast response times with no delays when speed and reliability is of the essence.

Contact us today for a free quote or further information on how we can help make your workplace fire safe.

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