Smoke and Fire Door Servicing Perth, W.A.

Specialists in smoke and fire door servicing Perth, W.A.  We are trained and capable in servicing all brands and types of fire and smoke doors.

These doors are designed and installed to contain and/or stop the spread of fire and smoke throughout your building.

Fire and smoke doors require inspection every 6 months, this will help to ensure that the doors work in accordance to their specification in the event of an emergency.  Sliding fire doors will require inspection every quarter.

Integral Fire Protection specialise in the service and maintenance of both swing and sliding doors.  We also repair parts and replace any damaged doors in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

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We also service and maintain:  

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets  |  Fire Hose Reels  |  Fire Hydrants and Boosters  |  Fire Detection and Alarm Systems 

Emergency and Exit Lighting  |  Smoke and Fire Doors  |  Fire Pump and Fire Sprinkler Systems