Be the best fire protection company, not the biggest!


Since inception Integral Fire Protection have always strived to be the best fire protection company, not the biggest fire protection provider in Western Australia!  This is something that our Managing Director Matthew is very passionate about and something that, we as a company, have stayed true too.

The goal to be the best and not the biggest comes down to prioritising quality over quantity and not getting sucked into growing too fast and upsetting our clients.

How do we make sure that we are providing our customers with the best service possible?


Communication is key!  Our team of professionals are always in contact with the client and are regularly keeping them updated on the project and the estimated timeline to completion.  Even once the project is completed, the team will follow up with any recommendations, rectification quotes and/or feedback on the project.


Quality service, Integral Fire Protection aim to employ the best and most experienced Fire Technicians and industry professionals.  This allows us to complete all of our works to the highest standard, on time and to budget.  Click here to view our services.

Pricing and affordability

Affordable and competitive pricing, Integral Fire Protection are constantly reviewing our processes and systems to make sure we are as efficient and productive as possible.  By refining these processes, procedures and systems we are able to limit the double handling on each and every service/project job that we complete.  Time is money and if we can complete the job faster due these efficiencies then…….. our clients are getting the most competitive prices available.  Click here to view our online store.


Innovation, this ensures that we are staying ahead of the curve and that we adopt the newest available systems, software and equipment to increase our efficiencies.  Once again, these efficiencies allow us to pass any time savings onto our clients.

Customer focus

The customer always comes first!  We care about you and your assets and we are passionate about the services we provide.

Education and training

Education, here at Integral Fire Protection we are constantly training and educating our staff to make sure we are always up to date with the forever changing industry standards and requirements.  But, we are also big on educating our clients!  Educating our clients on the services that we offer and why they are so important is something that we are extremely passionate about.  We have an array of education information available to the public on our webpage, click here.  We encourage people to learn more about our industry and the importance of fire protection across all assets.

Check out Integral Fire Protection’s training animations via the links below:

How to use a fire blanket

How to use a fire extinguisher

Our team have also put together a hand fire extinguisher selection chart that can be found via the link below.  You will find a high resolution fire extinguisher selection chart that you can print, free of charge, and mount at your property so that, in the event of a fire, your staff and/or any of the patrons/residents are able to select the correct fire extinguisher for the class of fire that is present.  Please be sure that, prior to fighting a fire, you are trained and competent to do so.

Fire extinguisher selection chart

Learn more about Integral Fire Protection’s commitment to our clients!

Fire protection specialists W.A.

We offer a large selection of quality and bespoke fire protection services.  Looking for a professional company to manage and take care of your fire protection systems and equipment?  Click here to contact us today!

The team at Integral Fire Protection would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact us via phone on our land line 08 9467 7319 or send us a quick email at  If you would like to pay us a visit in person, you are also welcome to come down to our office which is located in Malaga, 10/348 Victoria Road, Malaga 6090 Western Australia.

Integral Fire Protection is a privately owned fire protection company based in perth who strive to be the best
Integral Fire Protection have a fleet of vehicle ready to go!

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